frequently asked questions

Can I switch my MeepMeep Pilot between discs?

The MeepMeep Pilot is designed to be removed for battery changes or when permanently switching it to a new disc (we include 3 adhesive pads for this). We don't recommend trying to move a single tracker between discs each round as it takes some effort to remove and reapply the adhesive pads. We have specially designed our app for easy switching between multiple trackers with different alarms for players looking to track more than one disc. 

Can I use my MeepMeep Pilot near water, mud, or snow?

Yes! Our case fully protects the tracker from the elements. That said, if your disc goes for a swim in a lake, we recommend pulling it out as soon as possible. Very cold conditions, such as snow play in winter, can weaken the adhesive bond. When playing in these conditions, make sure you closely follow the included instructions on how to apply MeepMeep to your disc. 

Am I able to use my MeepMeep Pilot in a PDGA tournament?

We haven't sought PDGA tournament approval for our Pilot tracker, however we are in touch with the organizers and have found out that there is a strong possibility for trackers to be allowed in tournament play if there is enough demand from the community. If you would like to support the push for trackers in PDGA tourneys, please reach out to us via the Contact section on our home page!

Do I need data or wifi to use the tracker?

Our app does not need data or cell service, and will work even in a complete dead zone.

How do I turn the tracker on and off?

The tracker does not need to be turned on and off. The tracker automatically goes into a low-power standby mode when disconnected from the app.

How long should the battery last?

Our trackers use a CR2016 battery, and we recommend using a well-known brand for best performance like Energizer, Duracell, etc. Depending on the battery brand and how much you play, a tracker will typically last a few months between battery changes. We provide additional adhesive donuts with each tracker for when you need to change the battery.

How does MeepMeep promote accessibility in disc golf?

Our app follows CNIB guidelines and is optimized for assistive screen readers for players with vision or cognitive impairments.

Are MeepMeep trackers toys?

While MeepMeep trackers are a great way to help all ages improve their game, when uninstalled they are a choking hazard and contain materials that should not be ingested. MeepMeep trackers are not toys and should only ever be installed or uninstalled by adults.

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