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CBC News - B.C.-made trackers help locate golf discs lost in the weeds

By: CBC News

Originally published Oct 23, 2022

A company based in Victoria, B.C., has developed technology to help disc golfers find errant discs that have ended up in a bush or buried under debris.

MeepMeep — named for the sound made by Road Runner, the Looney Tunes character that consistently evades Wile E. Coyote — uses technology similar to that of AirTags, which are used to locate lost luggage.

A single MeepMeep locator, which retails for about $30, weighs about seven grams and adheres to the bottom of a disc.

"We take that technology and encase it in a proprietary case and use a special adhesive so that it can actually go on to a player's disc and have that robust strength, so if you hit a tree, rock … it will actually stay on," MeepMeep CEO and co-founder Eve Olynyk told CBC's Rohit Joseph.


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