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Douglas Magazine - 10 to Watch Winner 2022 – MeepMeep

By: Shannon Moneo, Douglas Magazine

Originally published April 2, 2022

10 to Watch Winner 2022 – MeepMeep – Douglas Magazine

Sector: Hardware Product, Software Development

Year Launched: 2020

Founders: (left to right) Eve Olynyk and Simon Park

Unique Selling Proposition: A disc golf stick-on tracker with Bluetooth connectivity that lets players know exactly where their beloved disc has landed.

Strategy: Getting great employees who are focused on the company’s key values: loving disc golf culture; technical rigor.


When COVID-19 forced gyms to close, one sport experienced exceptional growth — disc golf.

In Canada, membership to the Professional Disk Golf Association grew 30 per cent in 2020 and 75 per cent in 2021. The country ranks about third globally for the number of courses.

“People are shocked by how big disc golf is and how it’s growing,” says Eve Olynyk, a UVic commerce grad who has played the low-cost, family-oriented sport for several years.


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