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By: Andrew Streeter, Sabattus Disc Golf.

Originally published July 28, 2022

I already teased MeepMeep! trackers in my blog about disc golf retrieval systems back in February. But I think it’s worth doing a full write up and examination of the trackers. Adding technology to sports is nothing new. Tennis has Hawkeye, Soccer has Goal line Technology, and the NFL really needs to put a tracker in their balls so I don’t have to sit through a 4 minute commercial break where a coach challenges a spot that’s clearly a first down. Back to disc golf thought.

MeepMeep is a tracker that you apply to the disc, and then leave on while you play your rounds. It’s not currently PDGA legal. But I hope that someday soon stick-on trackers for discs will be legal. I love the MeepMeep! teams desire to provide accessibility to disc golf. Players with impaired eyesight should still be able to play and love the sport of disc golf without the fear of losing their discs. Here’s their mission statement and values. They align with the goals and values of Sabattus Disc Golf and we’re happy to carry their product.


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