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Techcouver - Six Hardware Startups in BC You May Not Have Heard Of

Updated: Feb 9

By: Knowlton Thomas, Techcouver

Originally published Nov 10, 2022

Most startups today are digital-first. Such enterprises are typically easier to launch, and statistics suggest they’re more likely to get funding and survive than their hardware counterparts.

“As hard as it is for all tech startups, it’s even more difficult for consumer hardware companies,” affirms a report from CB Insights, which found that 97% of consumer hardware companies “died or became zombie companies.”

It doesn’t help that investors “have a deep-seated bias against hardware,” according to experts like Paul Graham, who cites the tough scale-up barrier all hardware startups face as one which software startups can crucially bypass.

Below we pay due respect to some of the hard-working hardware companies in BC, who are innovating a variety of spaces—from robots to rescue devices to custom 3D manufacturing and more.


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