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Techcouver - Victoria Hardware Startup MeepMeep Launches Tiny Tech Tracker for Disc Golf

By: Knowlton Thomas, Techcouver

Originally published July 21, 2022

A bootstrapped startup in Victoria has officially launched its flagship product.

Given the recent disc golf boom in BC, MeepMeep is in the business of smart disc golf accessories hardware. Its first product is a stick-on, smartphone-connected tracker device designed to help disc golfers save time by finding lost discs faster.

“Growing up playing disc golf in the world-class courses we have here on the West Coast, I’ve always loved the sport,” says cofounder Eve Olynyk, who graduated from the University of Victoria. “Now with the explosion of disc golf, there has never been a more exciting time to be in this space.”

MeepMeep’s tracker is tiny at five millimetres thick and weighing in at just seven grams. An accompanying app will alert players only when needed.


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