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Victoria News - Victoria start-up MeepMeep’s disc golf tracker looks to grow the game...

By: Jake Romph, Victoria News

Originally published Sep 19, 2022

Experiencing the common disdain of fellow disc golfers, Simon Park had just tossed his bright-orange disc and saw exactly where it landed, but after a frustrating and unsuccessful search in the grass later, it was a goner.

As Eve Olynyk took Park through his first round on Vancouver Island, the lost saucer could’ve served as a symbol of their entrepreneurial plight. The pair are co-founders of the Victoria start-up MeepMeep, which has received plenty of interest in its stick-on disc golf tracker.

Olynyk grew up playing with her family on Salt Spring Island and loved how approachable and low-cost the activity is. But like Park’s experience, she had her share of mid-round rage quits over her discs vanishing in the grass. Assuming some sort of tracker existed but not finding any, she pitched the idea to the University of Victoria’s innovation centre.


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